Best Wooden Dowel Hanger

of May 2024

Umbra Picket 5 Hooks, Wall

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Introducing Picket by Umbra, the perfect wall-mounted rail that doubles as art. This stylish hook is made with beveled pine wood dowels and has a natural finish that will look great in any home. With ...

BalleBEeautiful 12in Heirloom Fabric Holder, 12", Wood and Metal

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The BalleBEeautiful 12in Heirloom Fabric Holder is the perfect way to display your craft or quilt projects. This wooden dowel holder is made of wood and metal and comes in a classic gray color. With a...


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The Prime-Line N 6794 Prime-Line Rod Holder Closet Pole Socket is the perfect solution for adding extra support to your closet rod. This two-pack of rod holders is designed to accept a standard 1-3/8 ...

InterDesign Formbu Wall Mount Entryway Expanding Storage Rack for Jackets, Coats, Hats, Scarves

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The InterDesign Formbu Wall Mount Entryway Expanding Storage Rack is the perfect addition to any home. This beautiful bamboo organizer rack is made of highly renewable and rustic bamboo wood, and is d...

Spectrum Diversified Wall

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Spectrum Diversified's Wall-Mounted 7 Peg Wood Hook Rack is the perfect way to keep your home organized and tidy. With its stylish wood finish and its specially designed pegs, this coat rack is perfec...

iDesign 91528 Wood Wall Mount 6

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The iDesign Wooden Wall Mount Coat Rack is the perfect addition to your home. This wall mounted coat rack is made of durable wood with a natural lacquer finish, giving it a classic look that will matc...

Amazon Basics Wall

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The Amazon Basics Wall-Mounted Farmhouse Coat Rack is the perfect addition to any home. With its classic farmhouse design and 5 standard double metal hooks, this wall-mountable coat rack is the perfec...

YAMAZAKI home 2513 Wall Accessory Rack, One Size, White

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The YAMAZAKI home 2513 Wall Accessory Rack is the perfect way to keep your jewelry, watches, and sunglasses organized and detangled. This wall-mounted storage rack is made from a combination of steel ...

Greenco Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder, Made with Premium Bamboo Wood, Fits of Paper Towels, Space Saver...

Introducing the Greenco Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder, a must-have for any kitchen or bathroom. This stylish and functional holder is made with premium bamboo wood, making it both lightweight and dura...

Mud Pie Arrow Milestone Growth Chart Canvas Off White, Pink Tassel

3. The Mud Pie Arrow Milestone Growth Chart Canvas Off White, Pink Tassel is perfect for tracking your little one’s growth from birth to adulthood. 4. The chart is printed on a durable canvas mater...


The Slide-Co 243423 Shelf Support Peg is the perfect solution for securely holding wooden shelving in place. Constructed from strong and durable clear plastic, this shelf support bracket is easy to in...

YAMAZAKI Hanger Home Magnetic Paper Kitchen Storage | Steel + Wood | Small | Towel Holder, White

Introducing the Yamazaki Hanger Home Magnetic Paper Kitchen Storage! This stylish and chic storage solution is designed to free up counter space and keep paper towels close at hand. Constructed from p...

Decopolitan Ball Single Telescoping Drapery Rod Set, Short, Silver

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The Decopolitan Ball Single Telescoping Drapery Rod Set is the perfect choice for any window. This adjustable rod set features a rich silver finish and ball finials for a classic look. The metal const...


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The Honey-Can-Do Wooden Laundry Drying Rack is the perfect way to air dry your clothes. This wooden rack is imported and provides 25 feet of drying space, so you can dry several garments at once. It f...

Set of 100

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Are you looking for a set of high quality curtain rings that will support heavier applications? Look no further than the Set of 100 - 1.5-inch Metal Curtain Rings with Clips - Black. This set of 100 r...

ELONG HOME Solid Wooden Hangers 20 Pack, Wood Coat Hangers with Extra Smooth Finish, Precisely Cut Notches...

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Elong Home Solid Wooden Hangers 20 Pack provide the perfect solution to keep your closet organized and your garments looking their best. These heavy duty wooden hangers are crafted from natural birch ...

3 Piece Natural 3 PCS, Natural Wooden Coat Hooks, Wall Mount Single Hat Bag Hooks, Decorative Cone Hooks...

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The 3 Piece Natural 3 PCS Wooden Coat Hooks are the perfect addition to any home. Made from 100% solid wood, these hooks are handcrafted and finished with a wax oil to ensure they are safe and environ...

Utopia Home 20 Pack Premium Wooden Hangers

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The Utopia Home 20 Pack Premium Wooden Hangers are the perfect addition to any closet. This pack of wooden hangers features a 360-degree rotating feature, making it easy to hang heavy garments like co...

Pack of 2 Wooden Banner Wall Hanger Set Top and Bottom Poles with Removable Ends, 36 Inch

The Pack of 2 Wooden Banner Wall Hanger Sets are perfect for hanging banners in your home or business. Each set includes two 36 inch long wooden poles with removable ends and a 96 inch gold cord for h...

Wooden dowel hangers have gain popularity in recent years as an elegant and simplistic way of hanging wall arts. These hangers offer a unique design while providing enough support to keep wall arts securely in place. With a wide range of wooden dowel hangers available in the market, it might be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. Here are valuable tips to consider when selecting wooden dowel hangers.

Type of Wooden Dowel Hangers

Wooden dowel hangers come in different styles and designs. The most common types are straight and curved wooden dowel hangers. Straight wooden dowel hangers are usually thinner and have a straightforward design. Curved wooden dowel hangers, on the other hand, are thicker and offer more complexity in their design. Choose a wooden dowel hanger that will accentuate the art piece without taking away its beauty.
Size and Thickness of the Dowel
The size and thickness of the dowel determine its strength and stability. Small dowels might not hold heavier artworks, while a thick dowel hanger might be cumbersome for small artworks. Therefore, it's crucial to consider the size and weight of the wall art before choosing the dowel hanger. Choose a wooden dowel hanger that will provide enough support and stability to keep the art piece securely in place.
Quality of Wood
The quality of wood used in making dowel hangers is essential in determining their durability and overall performance. High-quality wood will last longer and maintain its strength, aesthetics, and color even after years of use. It's essential to choose a wooden dowel hanger made from high-quality wood that can withstand the test of time.
Color of the Wood
Wooden dowel hanger comes in various colors ranging from natural wood tones to darker shades. Choose a wooden dowel hanger that complements the art piece and the overall theme of your home decor. A neutral colored wooden dowel hanger will work well with any art piece, while darker shades like mahogany will add a touch of elegance to your wall art display.
Length of the Dowel
The length of the dowel determines how far the art piece will protrude from the wall. Shorter dowel hangers are ideal for smaller art pieces, while longer dowel hangers are suitable for larger artworks. It would be best to consider the exhibition space and the size of the art piece before choosing the length of the dowel hanger.

Installation Process

Wooden dowel hangers are easy to install, and they come with mounting hardware like screws and anchors. However, it's essential to consider the installation process to ensure that the artwork is securely mounted. Hang the dowel hanger on the wall before mounting the art piece to ensure it's level and sturdy. It's best to use a level to ensure the dowel hanger is even before mounting.
Mounting Hardware Included
When buying a wooden dowel hanger, ensure that it comes with all the necessary mounting hardware like screws and anchors. This will save you time and money you would have spent on purchasing the mounting hardware separately. Ensure that the mounting hardware provided can support the weight of the art piece and the dowel hanger.
Proper Wall Placement
Choose the proper wall location to mount the dowel hanger. Ensure that the wall is strong enough to support the weight of the artwork and dowel hanger. Avoid mounting the dowel hanger in high traffic areas or where the artwork might be exposed to direct sunlight, which might cause discoloration.

Maintenance and Care

Wooden dowel hangers require minimal maintenance and care, but it's essential to follow best practices to keep them looking new and functional.
Dust and clean the wooden dowel hanger regularly using a soft cloth to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt that might affect the aesthetics of the art piece. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that might scratch or damage the wooden dowel hanger's surface.
Store the wooden dowel hanger in a safe place when not in use to prevent accidental damage. Avoid stacking dowel hangers on top of each other, as it might affect their shape and structural integrity.
Additional Protection and Finishing
You can add additional protection and finishing to the wooden dowel hanger by applying a coat of varnish, paint or lacquer. This will protect the dowel hanger from moisture and wear and tear while giving it a shiny finish.


When selecting a wooden dowel hanger for your wall art, consider the type of dowel hanger, size and thickness of the dowel, quality and color of the wood, length of the dowel, installation process, and maintenance and care. Proper selection and installation of the wooden dowel hanger will ensure the artwork is secure and aesthetically appealing. Additionally, minimal maintenance and care will ensure the wooden dowel hanger lasts for years to come.

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